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VIDEO: Steve Spurrier Doesn't Condone Stephen Garcia Swearing, Drops Four-Letter On ESPN

Steve Spurrier is not a fan of colorful language, apparently. During an ESPN appearance on Wednesday, Spurrier explained Stephen Garcia's suspension, telling viewers his young quarterback let a few four-letters fly during an alumni event. That alone is understandable, but what happens next is wrought with irony, completely hilarious and explains why Spurrier is so endearing.

Just a short time after explaining Garcia's suspension for dropping bombs at an alumni event, Spurrier struggles to find a word while live on the air. And when he does, the Old Ball Coach drops his own four-letter.

(Kinda NSFW as it contains a swear word.)

H/T Kegs N Eggs. Yes, the video and audio are out of sync, but the words themselves are the important part here.

Can't wait til Garcia comes out of nowhere and suspends Spurrier for his foul language. It's only right after the same happened to him, albeit in a less public setting. Without standards and order, there would be chaos in this lovely world we call college football.