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Indiana's Kevin Wilson Versus Talk Radio: Choose Your Corners

Kevin Wilson has never been a head football coach before, and was just tapped as Bill Lynch's replacement last December, so while it might be easy to hear he did a radio interview that went very, very badly and scoff that stepping up to the skipper spot in Division I ball means learning to deal with the media ... well, we listened to the interview ourselves, and are firmly in the Team Wilson camp. This is the most interested we have ever been in Indiana football, and for that, we owe Kevin Wilson our allegiance. 

Wilson spoke to "Zakk and Jack" of Indiana's WDNE 1260 AM, and by their bio photo you can tell these are two gentlemen to be treated with the utmost grativas and respect (to say nothing of their rhyming names!). Wilson comes in gruff on the heels of some Hoosier-ribbing with, "Anyway, I got some things to do, what do you guys need?" and it just goes downhill from there. He doesn't get called a clownfraud, but that may be too many syllables for these bros to process. Listen to the full interview for yourselves, such as it is, right'chere, and pay particular attention to the thinly-veiled threats one indistinguishable lunkhead makes in the general direction of Kevin Wilson's job and recruiting fortunes (where, for the record, Wilson seems to be doing just fine). 

Say this for "Zakk and Jack," however: Their product placement game is spot-on. "Maybe he didn't take his Five-Hour Energy to get his morning going. Five-Hour Energy, I use it at work!" We can tell, Zakk-or-Jack. We can tell.