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Jordan Jefferson Involved In Bar Brawl, According To Report

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LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson was reportedly involved in a bar brawl on Thursday evening. It is not yet known whether Jefferson was a suspect or victim.

LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson was involved in a bar brawl on Thursday night, though his role has not yet been determined. According to a report, Jefferson was involved in "a violent night" near the LSU campus that resulted in four people being sent to the hospital. Jefferson did not need medical attention as a result of the incident.

According to a report from Tiger Sports Digest, the police had not determined whether Jefferson was a suspect of victim in the case.

Sgt. Don Stone of the Baton Rouge Police Department media relations office confirmed Jefferson's involvement, but said the ongoing investigation has not revealed yet whether the Tigers' senior signal-caller is a suspect or a victim.

Stone said four people were taken for medical care after the fight was broken up, but Jefferson was not among them.

LSU and Oregon will face-off in a season-opening match, and both teams may end up running the wildcat all game. Oregon quarterback Darron Thomas could still be suspended for his involvement in Cliff Harris' speeding incident,  (Edit: Thomas is apparently not facing suspension) and Jefferson may face punishment if he was the aggressor in the aforementioned bar fight.

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