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Appalachian State Committee Votes For Future Move To Division I-A

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An Appalachian State committee has recommended the school's athletic programs make a move to a Division I-A conference.

Monday, an Appalachian State University feasibility committee voted to begin a long-worded and roundabout process that basically means the Mountaineers are looking to move to a Division I-A conference at some point. Though that's a move that would affect all ASU sports, the sport the school is best known for is football.

Appy State football has been one of Division I-AA's finest programs, winning three national titles and 16 conference championships and beating the Michgan Wolverines in the Big House in 2007.

All three of those national championships came between 2005 and 2007, and the Mountaineers have won at least a share of the SoCon title every year since 2005. They've made the playoffs (there are playoffs!) in all but six years of coach Jerry Moore's 23-year tenure, and have finished unranked only four times since 1989.

The school fields 20 sports, 10 for men and 10 for women. Their football stadium seats 25,000, and their basketball stadium holds 8,325. Based on geography, potential interested conferences could include the Big East, Sun Belt, Conference USA or even an SEC-depleted ACC, but we're a long way from any of that.