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PHOTO: Maryland Football Unveils 16 New Uniform Combinations

The Maryland Terrapins have many, many official colors. So when they say they're going to put together as many uniform color combos as possible, you know they mean business. This isn't some Oregon Ducks kind of thing, where it's like, "Hey, since when are black and gray and chrome your colors?"

No, sir. Maryland came up with all these the honest way:

I do not like ... any of them, and the helmet might be a pretty good idea, but the whole thing is worth it for this photo of a lineman merrily modeling the not-so-slimming all-white outfit:


Don't you just want to take over for a football coach solely so you can ask linemen to walk around modeling stuff? They love it!

For the latest on Maryland football fashions, stay tuned to SB Nation DC.