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Rob Henry ACL Injury Could Return Robert Marve To Purdue Starting Job

Rob Henry was expected to start for Purdue football this season, but a torn ACL will likely mean Robert Marve under center.

Presumed Purdue Boilermakers starting QB Rob Henry suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee Tuesday during practice, the school announced. Henry had been listed atop the team's oft-shifty depth chart coming into the season.

With just over a week to go before the team's opener against Middle Tennessee, this could mean Miami Hurricanes transfer Robert Marve will get the opening day start, even though his own recently wounded knee is far from 100 percent. At least pick a new ligament, heartless god of injuries.

Henry accrued significant playing time in 2010 as a freshman, taking over for an injured Marve in the middle of the season and leading the team in passing with 996 yards, along with a team-high 547 yards on the ground. Purdue has a pretty odd offense.

Marve, a senior, has lately been in the news for his role in the ongoing investigation into Nevin Shapiro's exuberant Miami fandom. He was quickly declared eligible by the NCAA after apparently assisting with the investigation in some fashion or another.

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