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Texas A&M Exit Would Mean Texas Aiming For Notre Dame Rivalry, According To Report

Apparently the Texas Longhorns only play the Texas A&M Aggies because they're both in the same conference. Yep, pretty much nothing else binds the two programs together other than the Big 12. That's how Texas sources view the arrangement, at least, according to Chip Brown of

That's not really going to function as a threat meant to force A&M to reconsider, though the Aggies have said they'd probably prefer to keep the Horns on the schedule. Sounds more like two kids fighting to have the last word.

Who would Texas look to play during Rivalry Week? Notre Dame, according to Brown. That right there is a whole 'nother story.

So far, the Longhorns are losing the early PR battle here. Unaffiliated reaction until this point had been neutral except for Longhorn Network concerns, with most preferring to see these two spend some time apart, provided they still play each other. But now Texas kind of looks like the bad guy, even to those who didn't really care about the Longhorn Network before.

Of course, that will probably all change in the next few minutes when A&M's exit puts Baylor into $143 trillion worth of debt.

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