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If Texas A&M Aggies Leave Big 12, SMU Would Like To Replace Them

On the same day that Texas A&M informed the Big 12 conference it will explore its conference affiliation options, SMU announced publicly that they would like to be a possible replacement.

"We are pushing for it," SMU president R. Gerald Turner said. "We want the city to know we’re pushing for it. We need as much help as possible, even from non-SMU alums. We believe it’s good for Dallas."

SMU brings with it the Dallas-Ft. Worth market and a revitalized football program under the leadership of June Jones. The Mustangs have played in back-to-back bowl games for the first time since 1984. It also brings with it a ton of history, which also includes the 80's Era that culminated in Dealth Penalty sanctions from the NCAA.

SMU isn't specifically saying they'd like to join the Big 12, they're throwing their name out there for any BCS conference that might be interested.

SMU has plans that could be used to expand on-campus Ford Stadium from 32,000 capacity to 40,000. SMU drew an average of 23,000 fans last season. Both numbers are low for BCS conferences, but could see growth in attendance after making the jump.

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