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Russell Shepard Eligibility Issue Reportedly Stems From Willie Lyles Investigation

It's a bit confusing to follow the saga of Russell Shepard, but hours after LSU announced the wide receive was ruled ineligible, we do have some clarity. With two investigations that could have put Shepard's eligibility in question running simultaneously, it was unknown whether the ruling came down because of a summer housing arrangement or because of Willie Lyles.

Technically, it was neither as Shepard lost his eligibility for speaking to a teammate before meeting with NCAA officials about Willie Lyles.

Per the Associated Press, Russell Shepard's suspension results from the Willie Lyles investigation, not his off-campus housing issue. #LSU

Shepard is not in trouble because of Willie Lyles. Instead, Shepard finds himself ineligible because he conferred with a teammate after they had spoken to NCAA investigators during the course of the Lyles investigation. Now, the NCAA is looking into what was said between Shepard and the teammate, and whether it compromised the investigation. It's an issue investigators take very seriously and could impact Shepard's eligibility long-term.

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