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Damaris Johnson Suspended Indefinitely After Girlfriend's Felony Embezzlement Arrest

Tulsa all-purpose man Damaris Johnson has been suspended indefinitely after allegedly receiving massive merchandise discounts from his girlfriend.

Tulsa wide receive Damaris Johnson was suspended indefinitely on Friday after his girlfriend was arrested and charged with felony embezzlement, according to reports. Johnson has not been charged with a crime, but may have received improper benefits through his relationship, with reports indicating he was severely undercharged for merchandise purchased at a Macy's department store.

The police report for the arrest of Chamon Jones, Johnson's girlfriend, details the discounts in question.

According to a police report, Johnson used Jones' debit card on Saturday to pay for $1,596.09 worth of merchandise, but was charged only $12.91 by Jones. The report also states that on Thursday, Johnson paid 34 cents for $1,238.75 worth of merchandise.

The indefinitely suspension is likely a proactive measure as Tulsa waits to receive word on any eligibility issues that may have arisen as a result of Jones' arrest.

Johnson is the all-time NCAA leader in all-purpose yards with 7,799. With a season-opening date with Oklahoma looming, Tulsa now has to consider life without Johnson, though he could be reinstated before the season gets underway. It's yet unclear what ruling the NCAA may hand down in response to the discounts Johnson allegedly received.