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SEC Expansion: Texas A&M Denies Already Telling Big 12 The Party's Over

According to Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News, Texas A&M is denying it's warned the Big 12 that a conference exit is coming soon. The New York Times' Pete Thamel had reported Monday night that the Aggies told the conference it would formally withdraw on Tuesday, clearing the way for the school to request membership in the SEC. 

So, whatever, this is all happening. People deny things.

Texas A&M will join the SEC, and it will probably begin to officially happen at some point this week. Early this week, Lord willing. Exactly how far along the process is and when the Aggies will announce they've left the Big 12 is up in the air, but we know we're just a few steps away from the announcement of a press conference to announce things that get announced at press conferences.

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