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VIDEO: Matt Millen Sends LSU QB Jarrett Lee's Talents South Beachward

Oh, whatever. Matt Millen, football person, will prepare for Miami vs. Maryland when he's darn well ready. The longtime football person is calling the Monday night game, which means he has two whole extra days with which to prepare. So why start now? Two days for a football person like Millen is a lifetime.

So, yes, he has no idea who Miami's new starting quarterback is, and it's not easy to admit that you don't know something when you're supposed to know it, as this video demonstrates:

Jarrett Lee, of course, will be starting for LSU Saturday night, but will have plenty of time to make it out east for Miami's game. If he can't make it, Miami QB Stephen Morris will probably handle the duties.

Important SIDE NOTE: Somebody should organize an interception-based football skills competition pitting stars like Jacory Harris, Lee, Morris and former MTSU quarterback Dwight Dasher against each other.

How did Millen end up calling college football? Well, he's a football person who used to play college football. But how does that qual- shh, shh, shh. He used to play college football.