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NCAA Finding Dirt On Miami Football Players Not Named In Yahoo! Investigation

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The NCAA levied a number of punishments the way of the Miami Hurricanes Tuesday night, announcing that eight Canes players must be suspended for part of the season due to receiving benefits from rogue booster Nevin Shapiro. Big names like Ray-Ray Anderson, Olivier Vernon and Jacory Harris, too. The NCAA is by no means done, which is bad for the U.

And here's more bad news!

Brandon McGee and Micanor Regis weren't suspended, but will be required to make up for the minor benefits they received from Shapiro. Those two players don't appear in the original bombshell report by Yahoo! Sports' Charles Robinson.


Some* have chosen to criticize Robinson's investigation on the basis of Shapiro's trustworthiness. Which isn't a huge stretch once you remember Shapiro stole A BILLION DOLLARS from people, but Robinson's band of assassins for truth have earned enough credibility at this point to outweigh all that. And as we've seen today, Robinson's story could've gone even farther had he felt comfortable with his evidence.

The NCAA's finding out about more players that are involved, even in small ways, with the Shapiro scandal. There's no reason to think it won't find more, especially with something like a dozen players earning immunity for adding their stories to the report, and it's also not hard to imagine it finding more coaches and suits.

You provided us with many years of entertainment, Miami football, and we'll all hope to see you in another life.

Some have also gotten Cheese Wagstaff'd for their efforts.