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Steve Spurrier, Turner Gill Teaching Personal Responsibility By Removing It Altogether

It's the age-old argument college coaches have been having for centuries. Should you allow your players to tweet freely on Twitter or should you forbade them from ever doing so?

On one hand, it's understandable that you might want to limit your high-profile student-athlete's interactions with the public, especially if they're going to tweet things like this and this.

On the other hand, doesn't it make sense to sit down with your athletes, preach personal responsibility and show them a modicum of trust? Consider Syracuse's Jim Boeheim one of the few coaches who goes that route.

Plenty of football and basketball coaches have already come down on the ban side (Villanova's Jay Wright, Boise State's Chris Pederson). And you can now add Kansas' Turner Gill and South Carolina's Steve Spurrier to the club.

Gill is banning Kansas Jayhawks football players from tweeting during the season (a happy medium) while Spurrier just went and banned the while darn thing:

"Well, we have some dumb, immature players that put crap on their Twitter, and we don't need that. So the best thing to do is just ban it."

Farewell, Gamecocks tweets. We hardly retweeted thee.