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Air Force A 'Serious Candidate' To Join Big 12, According To Report

As Texas A&M's impending departure from the Big 12 continues to send rumors flying all over college football, Air Force has officially popped up as a trendy one to join the Big 12 as a replacement.

Air Force's athletic director, Hans Mueh, issued a statement shortly after those rumors cropped up and was non-committal on things. While he claimed the academy is satisfied with being a member of the Mountain West, Mueh still used that phrase "will continue to work towards what is best."

The Big 12 would offer a bigger spotlight for Air Force, but there are still far too many variables before anything happens.

BYU, Notre Dame and Arkansas remain the highest-profile choices that would interest the Big 12, however Notre Dame remains highly-unlikely and Arkansas is unlikely to leave the stable SEC for an unstable Big 12.

Keep and eye on SB Nation Denver for Air Force updates, rumor or otherwise.