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USC Vs. Utah Score Changes, Vegas Spread Gets Covered

Only in the Pac-12 could a score change after the game has ended, which is kind of fitting for the conference's first-ever matchup. Utah and USC engaged in a wild finish, with the Trojans winning the game by three, 17-14. Or so we thought. Turns out, that wasn't the final score, and the Pac-12 overruled the call on the field some two hours later.

George Schroeder explains.

The Pac-12 has overruled officials on the field. TD on last play counts. Final is USC 23, Utah 14.

To recap, USC blocked Utah's last-second field goal try and returned it for a touchdown. Except the touchdown didn't count for some reason as the Trojans were flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after the bench rushed the field in a Cal-Stanford moment. It's beyond us how this nullified the score at the time -- especially since the official actually said "by rule, that penalty is declined" -- but that's what happened.

And then everything changed as the Pac-12 stepped in and fixed the wrong. In doing so, the score also covered the spread, meaning many heartbroken bettors are now happy bettors hours after the game ended.

Welcome to the Pac-12, Utah. You'll get used to this.