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PHOTOS: LSU Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Released

The Oregon Ducks have the benefit of using approximately eleventy billion different uniforms from Nike every year, but seeing as Nike is a very large manufacturer of various sporting equipment, they like to make uniforms for a few other teams. The Oregon and Boise State Pro Combat uniforms were released earlier this year, and Nike has finally released the uniforms for a few other teams. One of those teams is the LSU Tigers. Here's some LSU swag.


It's tough to have any complaints about these uniforms. There's no odd color scheme, they didn't mess with the school's normal colors, and the uniform is subtle and simple without being incredibly boring. All in all, it's very well done. The shoes, though? Those might be a bit more polarizing.


Love the shoes? Hate the shoes? I can't decide. I don't think they're mediocre. Maybe I'm just not a gold fan? These should probably spark some argument. Check out the entire photo album on Nike Football's facebook page.

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