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Texas To ACC: The Conference Realignment Rumor Du Jour Somehow

It's been nine days since ACC commissioner John Swofford appeared to deny reports that his conference has been looking into adding the Texas Longhorns. While everybody's denying everything at this point, looking more closely at his remarks reveals he definitely didn't deny anything in particular. Hmm.

Tuesday, the Austin-American Statesman attached its name to the rumors, placing the ACC, Pac-12 and independence as the three viable options, with the latter being the least preferable. So now we're pitting the Pac-12 against the ACC for Texas, at least in the popular narrative.

Chip Brown of, who started all this off, followed up Tuesday night with more Texas-to-ACC chatter. Here, as always everywhere, the whole thing revolves around the Longhorn Network. The Pac-12 wouldn't allow it to exist as currently structured, while the ACC would.

Please assume Texas is emitting these vibes in order to pressure the Pac-12 into conceding ground on the Longhorn Network, even if Texas is indeed making kissy faces at the ACC. Please think nothing further of them.

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