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Boise State Vs. Toledo Score Update: Teams Trade TD, But Broncos Lead 7-6

We're less than 10 minutes into the showdown between Boise State and Toledo in the Glass Bowl, and there are already 13 points to show for it. Toledo started the scoring off when Austin Danton hit Danny Noble for a 24-yard touchdown pass. But the Rockets messed up the point-after attempt -- something that will become significant as our story develops.

Boise came back quickly, with Kellen Moore going 4-of-4 for 57 yards on the ensuing touchdown drive. Boise converted a fourth down on the drive, and Moore threw a 26-yard touchdown to Tyler Shoemaker to put the Broncos on top. Boise made its point-after attempt, which is the difference for now in the game. Boise has now gotten possession of the ball again, so we'll see if they add on quickly.

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