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Steele Jantz Stats Might Be The Worst Thing Ever

Just going to point this out. I know it's early, but Steele Jantz doesn't seem to have the skills to match his name. The Iowa State quarterback looks lost against Connecticut, and has yet to complete a pass -- well, to his own team, at least. He has, however, completed three to the other team, and had one pass hit the ground. Four passes, three interceptions, zero completions to his own team.


I'm not sure, but I think this stat line results in a quarterback rating of negative infinity. Just a guess.

↵↵ ↵↵↵↵ ↵↵↵↵↵↵↵↵↵↵↵ ↵↵↵↵↵
Steele Jantz0/400.003
Team 0/4 0 0.0 0 3

But hey, it allows us to compliment Jantz on an incompletion. "Way to go, Steele. Good work missing the other team that time."