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ACC Expansion: Syracuse, Pitt 'Likely Gone,' Says Big East Official

Pittsburgh and Syracuse appear to be departing the Big East for the ACC

In the latest episode of Days Of Our Li...conference realignment, it appears that Syracuse and Pittsburgh are about to bolt from the Big East for the bright lights and slightly less mediocre football of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Both Syracuse and Pitt have submitted letters of application to the ACC, and according to a representative from the Big East, "There is no scenario where a president applies to a league and isn't admitted."

This is just the latest in what are certain to be a large volume of conference realignment rumors over the coming months. And when it's all done and there are four SUPERCONFERENCES, some of the teams in the newly formed conferences won't be happy about it and will want to break off. College sports will never have the same leagues together for two consecutive seasons ever again. 

But, back to the 'news'. The ACC presidents voted unanimously to raise their exit fee to $20 million, in case someone wants to screw with their master plan, and they're also reportedly talking to Texas. Because Texas is in the general vicinity of the Atlantic coast.

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