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Syracuse, Pittsburgh Could Be Voted Into ACC Sunday, According To Reports

For some reason*, ACC news stories are never reported on until they're pretty much over with. While Texas and Oklahoma and Texas A&M have been the subject of realignment reports for literally years now, we only found out about Syracuse and Pitt joining the ACC once they'd pretty much already done it.

Gary Parrish reports ACC presidents could vote in the two new schools on Sunday. Remember, conferences don't vote on things unless they already know the subject of the vote will pass. 

Meanwhile, attentions turn to the Big East, which always upsets everybody's attention. Parrish's colleague Brett McMurphy, who's led the way on this story all day long, reports the Big East has contacted every Big 12 school except for Oklahoma and Oklahoma State -- another sign those two are headed to the Pac-12.

Kansas, Missouri, Baylor and Iowa State were reported last year and earlier this month as being in some sort of talks with the Big East, so that's at least three instances of contact between the conference and some of those schools. Baylor and Iowa State are the most likely to need to settle for the Big East.

* You know the reason.

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