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ACC Expansion: Tourney Could Move To New York, Texas Rumors In Doubt

ACC commissioner John Swofford held a Sunday morning teleconference to announce the addition of the Syracuse Orange and Pittsburgh Panthers. It was a pretty standard teleconference, with a lot of boring stuff happening. But along the way, he dropped a pair of bombs.

When asked about the Texas Longhorns and the rumored mutual interest between the two, Swofford complimented the school but said he couldn't comment. Later, he called the ACC's revenue sharing arrangement "sacred," which would seem to rule out the onboarding of Texas and its Longhorn Network if true.

Then, Swofford admitted the ACC's basketball tournament could move to Madison Square Garden on a rotational basis. Which, whoa! Moving the conference's most prized event out of North Carolina would be a dramatic shift and signal that it thinks of itself as the east coast's conference, not just the other southeastern conference. Can't imagine Tobacco Road is very happy about hearing that, though.

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