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SEC Expansion: West Virginia Could Be Team No. 14, According To Report

According to a sourced report by Colin Dunlap, the West Virginia Mountaineers have already "sent paperwork" to the SEC. Dunlap was the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Pittsburgh Pirates beat writer whom you may remember as the guy Bill Stewart tried to sic on Dana Holgorsen. He now works for CBS' Pittsburgh affiliate.

If the report is true, that could mean WVU is in. Nobody sends paperwork in this situation unless they're sure the paperwork will achieve its desired result. If the report is true, of course.

Some have speculated the ACC's decision to quickly pick up the Syracuse Orange and Pittsburgh Panthers was accelerated by an impending move by WVU to the SEC. Since the SEC grabbing the Eers would destabilize the Big East, the ACC may have seen no reason to wait and give the Big Ten a chance to sample any Big East teams for itself. Some have speculated.

When SEC expansion noise was last a thing, WVU, the Missouri Tigers and the Virginia Tech Hokies were the most commonly mentioned teams, with the Louisville Cardinals, Florida St. Seminoles and others also earning quieter murmurings.

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