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Rutgers Begging Big Ten, ACC For Big East Escape

Yep, it's come to this point. After Pittsburgh and Syracuse officially jumped ship to the Atlantic Coast Conference, other Big East teams are looking for some way - any way - out of their current situation. Poor, poor TCU. The latest team to attempt to jump ship is Rutgers, who have contacted the ACC and Big Ten.

Not to disrespect Rutgers fans or the university as an academic institution, but the only reason either of these conferences would want Rutgers is if they were truly desperate for a 16th team or something along those lines. Currently, no one is desperate for a 16th team.

The Big East, which had 16 teams as of yesterday (plus TCU), now appears to be dying a very quick death. Rutgers Athletic Director Tim Pernetti had this to say.

"I think given our assets and our location, the New York TV market, our AAU status and strong academic standing, and most of all - given all the nonsense that's gone on out there - running a clean program (with) integrity. We have great assets and we will continue to be a player nationally during this time as the landscape continues to shift."

Yes, Rutgers has the college football-crazy New York TV market. Who will be exceptionally crazy for Big Ten and/or ACC football. Because there is an average team in New Jersey who may be playing in one of those two conferences. Okay then!

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