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Conference Realignment: Texas President Granted Permission To Leave Big 12

Now that the Oklahoma Board of Regents has given its President the go-ahead to talk with the Pac-12, the Texas Board of Regents has gone ahead and done the same thing.

Texas Longhorns President Bill Powers now has the official authority to take "any necessary actions" regarding conference realignment. Ultimately, any change in UT's conference affiliation would be to be approved by the Board of Regents as well.

If Texas decides to leave the Big 12 for the Pac-12, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are expected to go with them. They would also be able to keep the Longhorn Network, albeit with some changes to appease the Pac-12 media deal.

The University could also try and save the Big 12, explore their options with the ACC or go independent. If Powers decides to stay in the Big 12, he does not need the board's approval. Powers told the media that he would have no more comment until the process is over.

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