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VIDEO: Andrew Jackson Thinks Kentucky Is 'Supposed To Be SEC'

Western Kentucky linebacker Andrew Jackson thinks Kentucky is in the SEC. You might think Kentucky is in the SEC, too. After all, if one were to look up the current college football conferences, the Wildcats would be listed right there in the SEC. But you would be wrong.

A hearty thank you to Sports Grid for the season's first meme.

You see, sometime around the third quarter of Thursday night's game, when Kentucky had picked up single-digit first downs and gained somewhere around 100 yards, the Wildcats were voted off the island. You have to be able to play football to be in the S-E-C, of course. It's the conference of national champions, sold out stadiums and the best football in the land.

And whatever Kentucky was playing wasn't football. It was some kind of hybrid sport that involved punting, turnovers and hilarious follies. It was more blooper reel set to Yakety Sax than football.

Thus, the mystery of the 14th SEC team was revealed. Kentucky, you're out; doomed to the ACC or FCS or ... well, maybe the Big 12. Texas A&M, you're in. The SEC remains at 12 teams and everybody wins*.

*Except you, Kentucky.