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Conference Expansion: Mountain West, CUSA Considering Merger Too

The Big East and Big 12 aren't the only conferences brainstorming a merger. In a move that could leave the country with six power conferences again (which is what the BCS reportedly wants anyway), the Mountain West and Conference USA are considering combining their limited might, according to CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd.

Granted, the Mountain USA would only be a power conference by sheer volume, as it could boast more than 20 teams, but you could make a case for a league that included the Boise St. Broncos, Central Florida Knights, Houston Cougars and Southern Miss. Golden Eagles, along with the Fresno St. Bulldogs, Hawaii Warriors, SMU Mustangs and Nevada Wolf Pack.

And further granted, it would pretty much be a confederation of two conferences instead of anything resembling what we have now. The two current halves of the potential conflagration would likely remain as divisions or each be cut into a pair of pods. How often would the East Carolina Pirates and Hawaii really need to travel to play each other in volleyball?

For more on the proposal, visit Mountain West Connection, which may soon become a little more patriotic.