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Conference Realignment: West Virginia Rejected By SEC And ACC, According To Report

Ouch. According to CBS Sports' Brett McMurphy, who's been the source of conference realignment news for the past week, the West Virginia Mountaineers have been already turned down by both the SEC and the ACC. Ouch.

We'd known WVU had requested a place in the new SEC, but their interest in the ACC is new information. Every Big East team is likely phoning Tobacco Road night and day, so it's not surprising, but the Eers just seemed like a much better fit for the SEC than for the ACC. Which I mean as a compliment to all parties involved.

Surprising news, since most conferences seem to be leaving all their cards on the table. Rejecting West Virginia would leave the SEC with the Missouri Tigers and Virginia Tech Hokies as major options for team No. 14, while solidifying the notion that the ACC will keep adding big northeastern TV markets unless they can break Notre Dame.

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