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Les Miles 'Would Enjoy' Playing In Front Of Drunk LSU Fans, Assumes He Doesn't

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West Virginia allows the sale of beer at Mountaineer Stadium during Mountaineers games, a rarity in college football. LSU plays at West Virginia this Saturday. This allowed a reporter to ask Les Miles about his opinions on drinking at college football games. Thank you, LSU, for scheduling West Virginia.

"First of all, I suspect that no matter what the size of the crowd, there will be a little bit more enthusiasm for play at West Virginia," Miles said. "If they serve beer in Tiger Stadium, I fear that the upper decks might not hold it.'re talking about peeing in the stands, aren't you? And you're suggesting that LSU fans can't drink as well as West Virginia fans, aren't you?

"I certainly want to be politically correct and not be against serving beer in Tiger Stadium. Certainly the athletic director and the chancellor would have to make that decision. But I promise you, we would enjoy playing in front of a Tiger Stadium that occasionally had a beer."

Here are some reactions to that!

First: it's amusing and admirable that Miles is toeing the party line about LSU fans not being drunk beyond most human comprehension, much less tolerance, by the time kickoff rolls around in Baton Rouge. Apparently, the LSU fan base's reputation is known far and wide by all but the Tigers' coach.

Second: "occasionally had a beer," huh? Has Les Miles ever tailgated?

Third: would being catastrophically drunk with the capacity to intensify that condition make Miles' signature zaniness more or less appealing? More or less understandable? I don't know the answer and don't want to personally find out, really, because I'm pretty sure "buzzed" for an LSU fan is "liver transplant necessary" for me.

Fourth: being politically correct means not being against serving beer in Tiger Stadium to Les Miles. May you never be fired and/or learn a traditional definition of political correctness, sir.