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Conference Realignment: FSU, Maryland Whittled $34M ACC Withdrawal Fee, According To Report

Those $20 million buyout penalties the ACC reportedly installed last week, which we're supposed to think of as guarantees of conference stability despite Colorado and Nebraska having paid the same to exit the Big 12? They might have produced even less of a rock-solid foundation than you'd thought.

According to reports, the fee was supposed to be $34 million until the Florida St. Seminoles and Maryland Terrapins brought it down. Since those schools have potential options outside the ACC, that's interesting.

FSU has been mentioned as a possible SEC target, but its football program is such a national presence that the Noles could probably go just about anywhere they wanted. Maryland's size and AAU status make it a viable Big Ten expansion candidate at some point. 

Pete Thamel thinks the SEC is staying pat for now, but there's now one more small reason to keep FSU in the back of your mind as a potential addition, if that's where you store information about such things. 

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