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Syracuse Vs. Toledo: Big East Admits Replay Mistake On Controversial Extra Point

The Toledo Rockets hit a last-second field goal at the Carrier Dome on Saturday afternoon, knotting the game at 30 and forcing overtime with the Syracuse Orange. It should've been the game-winner. Just minutes earlier, following a Syracuse touchdown, the Orange were credited with a successful extra point try that actually wasn't. Even after officials reviewed the play, the wrong call was upheld.

Here's the video from Saturday, which shows the ball passing in front of the uprights.

But this isn't just a bunch of fans griping about a horrible missed call. Hours after the game ended, the Big East admitted the mistake in a statement.

""We concluded ruling on field kick passed b/w uprights was incorrect & replay official made error failing to reverse ruling. The replay official mistakenly focused his attention on the sideline angle, which proved to be distorted"

I'm sure Toledo will be happy with a pat on the back and an apology. Should go a long way to helping the Rockets feel better about falling victim to a terrible call.

Even with video review at their disposal, referees can still manage to botch a call. It doesn't matter how many checks and balances there are if the officials don't properly use the tools at their disposal. Saturday was a prime example of this.

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