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West Virginia Locker Room Broken Into After Loss To LSU

To add insult to injury following a loss to the LSU Tigers, the West Virginia Mountaineers had their locker room broken into sometime after the game on Saturday night. Morgantown was in the spotlight this weekend, with a nationally televised evening game and the presence of College Gameday for the first time ever. But following the game, a series of incidents turned what could have been a great weekend into a poor one in Morgantown.

Mike Casazza has the details on the post-game crimes, which are after the jump.

Shootings, vandalism (including WVU locker room) and a self-inflicted 26-point loss. Sorry, but can we tone down ''AWESOME WEEKEND!'' stuff?

WVU and University PD confirm football team's locker room was broken into last night, investigation in progress.

To be clear, the shooting is still a developing situation, but it was certainly a rough night in Morgantown. Additionally, this is not the first time West Virginia has had its locker room broken into, which led Casazza to question the security.

Simply not a good night for WVU, even when taking the loss out of the equation.