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College Football Rankings, Week 4: Coaches Poll Still A Couple Weeks Behind

The LSU Tigers have beaten three ranked opponents (the Oregon Ducks, Mississippi St. Bulldogs and West Virginia Mountaineers) this year, all of them away from home. The Oklahoma Sooners have beaten one ranked team (the Florida St. Seminoles). It's pretty simple.

While this week's AP top 25 ranks LSU ahead of Oklahoma (finally), the USA Today Coaches Poll leaves the Sooners right where they are, though LSU is starting to gain a little. This is nothing new, really.

All polls are silly, but the Coaches Poll is a birthday cake to the face every week.

After Week 1, very, very few head coaches even think about it, so the job falls to whichever athletic department polo shirt has the least to do on a Sunday at 2 am, probably a kid who's spent his or her entire day focused on exactly one game. Schools promote their own interests and pay little attention to what else is going on around the country, and nobody really pays attention once the AP poll comes out anyway.

You could make a very strong case for Oklahoma being No. 3 behind LSU and Alabama, not No. 1. I expect BlogPoll to make just that case when it comes out Tuesday morning. All three teams have already held the No. 1 BlogPoll spot this year, matter of fact.