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SEC Expansion: 14 Teams Presumed By Members, Despite League's Insistence

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The Texas A&M Aggies have officially been admitted by the SEC, and now must prepare for a difficulty increase. The SEC is currently set to enter the 2012-13 seasons with 13 teams, which the conference insists is a fine number even though every architect knows it's bad luck.

That's not easy to believe, considering the logistical inconveniences and general MACness of a 13-team schedule (plus reports that the SEC has sent an offer to Missouri and received one from West Virginia ... and all those denials by Virginia Tech). At least a couple of conference VIPs already seem to feel the same way. 

Here's South Carolina president Harris Pastides:

"I don't think 13 is a sustainable number, but I think 14 is," Pastides said. "I'm not in favor of 16 personally right now. You begin to lose what is a very special quality."

And here's Georgia Bulldogs coach Mark Richt:

"Well, if they're joining us, you'd think there would be at least another one joining somewhere along the way," Richt, Georgia's football coach, said Sunday evening.     

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