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Ole Miss Fans Call For Pete Boone's Firing, Wordily Yet Fashionably

Mississippi Rebels fans are displeased with athletic director Pete Boone. Your first clue: they took out newspaper ads as far away as Memphis after the Rebs were blown out by the Vanderbilt Commodores, though that round stopped short of clearly spelled-out #shotsfired.

This week's edition, however, is pretty darn clear:


In case you can't make it out, here's the text of the ad, in which we learn Oxford commas are not favored in Oxford:

It's time for a change, Ole Miss fans.


That's how athletic director Pete Boone described a recent Ole Miss loss. We at Forward Rebels agree. Under Boone's leadership, Ole Miss has [something] underperformed in the SEC. Coaches have been fired. A generation of athletes have come and gone. But Pete Boone stays? And continues to earn over $425,000 per year?

We at Forward Rebels believe THAT is unacceptable. Ole Miss leadership must be held accountable. Ole Miss coaches, athletes and fans deserve no less. It's time for a change.

And in case that didn't do it, here's a complex display some well-dressed fans put together for the cameras:


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