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SEC Expansion: Kentucky Would Consider Louisville Veto, Says Mitch Barnhart

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The popular assumption regarding SEC realignment: there's a bloc of schools that will watch each other's backs to keep from adding teams to the SEC that reside in current SEC states. "The Gentleman's Agreement," it's been dubbed.

The thinking is that the Florida Gators, Georgia Bulldogs, South Carolina Gamecocks and Kentucky Wildcats will agree to keep out the Florida St. Seminoles, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Clemson Tigers and Louisville Cardinals.

There's never been any real evidence of such an agreement, but you might want to file this one away in your Gentleman's Agreement Evidence Cabinet for future reference, if you're into conspiracy theories: Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart told Kentucky Sports Radio that the Wildcats "would not rule out a veto" of Louisville.

Louisville has scarcely been reported as a potential SEC invite, trailing at least the Missouri Tigers, West Virginia Mountaineers and Virginia Tech Hokies on the list of most-buzzed candidates. It's interesting not because KENTUCKY SHOOTS DOWN LOUISVILLE (note that Barnhart didn't say they would veto, only that they would not rule out a veto) but because at least one SEC school is publicly mindful of what it would mean to admit its in-state rival.

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