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Big East Expansion: Temple, UCF Might Not Have Chance, Based On Report

The Big East's next batch of moves might look a little bit different than some had thought. According to the St. Petersburg Times' Greg Auman, USF president Judy Genshaft said the conference "is not looking at any schools in [the] same state[s] as current league members."  

If that just means football schools, that would rule out the Central Florida Knights. If that means any league members, that would mean no Temple Owls as well, since the Villanova Wildcats will be FBS-ready ... at some point. (Unless we're being REALLY specific and counting Pitt as a current member, which ... technically.) Genshaft didn't specify.

In a fuller report, Auman cites Genshaft as denying her school has blocked UCF from the Big East -- as had been alleged -- and insisting she hasn't "done anything to hurt anybody."

Other schools reportedly being pursued by the Big East include Navy and Air Force. Temple was booted from the Big East after 2004 but has been talking up its return for a while, and UCF was the long-assumed next Big East team until conference realignment went totally haywire. East Carolina also used to be mentioned in that mix. Those were the days.

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