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Big 12 Expansion Committee: Missouri Chancellor Out, Kansas State President In

It's been fun to watch members of the Big 12 expansion committee scramble to align themselves with a new home while their conference clings to life, but new commissioner Chuck Neinas isn't finding it as ironic as the rest of us. On Wednesday, Neinas announced Missouri chancellor Brady Deaton will no longer chair the expansion committee, but didn't give a reason why. In perhaps a related note, the SEC and Missouri are reportedly still flirting.

The news comes from Chip Brown, who also names the replacement.

Mizzou chancellor Brady Deaton no longer chairing 5-member expansion committee in B12. K-State's prez is.

So the chancellor of the school who reportedly has eyes for the SEC, or vice-versa, is out and Kansas State, which doesn't appear to have any other options, is in. Makes perfect sense from an expansion standpoint. The Wildcats are far more likely to work in earnest to keep the Big 12 alive because of the dire straights a collapse would put them in.

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