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College Football Weather Delays: Soon To Literally Only Be Two Games On

Standard complaint this weekend: why are there only two games between ranked teams? In fact, friend, there are only two games, period, thanks to weather delays all over the country.

Notre Dame may be down 16-0 to USF forever, with the first weather delay in Fighting Irish history lasting a really long time by now. The Iowa Hawkeyes also took a weather-related break during their pummeling of Tennessee Tech, and that bad stuff is heading the way of the Michigan Wolverines as well, with a weather delay at the Big House.

Even speed country is finding itself caught up in midwestern weather, with the Tennessee Volunteers' Vol Navy buffeted and lightning striking just six miles away from Neyland Stadium.

Meanwhile, the two games of the week are insulated from all of the weather: LSU-Oregon and Boise State-Georgia will both take place in domed stadiums. Wake Forest-Syracuse was pretty good too, and it happened in a dome. #trends

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