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SEC Expansion: Missouri Being 'Re-recruited' By Big 12

Interim Big 12 commissioner Chuck Neinas has been a busy man since taking over for Dan Beebe. He's compared the SEC to ... well, to something better than the Big 12 and has insisted the Missouri Tigers are a better cultural fit for his conference than for Mike Slive's. 

According to Tulsa World columnist Dave Sittler, Neinas is trying to "re-recruit" Mizzou "off the ledge." However, Sittler also refers to SEC commissioner Slive as "Mike Slime," so the Tulsa World may just be a message board with a fancy name. 

He's putting on a better show of trying to keep the Tigers than Beebe did of wrangling for Texas A&M, isn't he? He's also talked up conference expansion with or without Missouri on board. Whether any of this is actually having any effect behind the scenes remains to be seen, and that's the most redundant sentence you'll read all day.

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