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Stony Brook Vs. UTEP Final Score: Miners Had It The Whole Time

I had no idea Stony Brook even fielded a team. Neither, apparently, did UTEP. After going through the motions and failing to show any discernible signs of life in regulation, the Miners suddenly awoke in overtime to avoid further embarrassment in a 31-24 win. But let's be honest: needing overtime to beat a team whose mascot is the Seawolves is, in no way, something to brag about.

Overtime took all of two plays, adding to the hilarity of the whole mess. Nick Lamaison hit Donavon Kemp for the touchdown on the first play of UTEP's shot at overtime and Travaun Nixon intercepted Michael Coulter on the first play of Stony Brook's shot to end the game. It was like ripping off a band-aid.

But there's no way to spin this one. Stony Brook -- S-T-O-N-Y B-R-O-O-K -- led for most of the game and it took a late touchdown by UTEP to force overtime. Not a good look, Miners.

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