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PHOTO: Maryland's New Helmets Look Down And Whisper, 'No'

You had a choice, all of you. You could have followed in the footsteps of good men like Under Armour™ founder Kevin Plank. 

We'd been prepared for the Maryland Terrapins to wear their hideous turtle shell helmets for their season opener against the Miami Hurricanes, but they went and found something much, much worse. That's the state flag of Maryland splattered all across their helmets and shoulders, and ... I can't come up with anything to say. Those are the worst uniforms.

Photo via @BryanDFischer:


Here's another by way of @jose3030:


The Terps warmed up in their Inception maze helmets before returning with these Harvey "Two-face" Dent models, proving this is the most Christopher Nolan football game of all time. Something something something won't be keeping a Memento of them something something something because they're ugly.

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