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Texas A&M, SEC Face One Last Hurdle: Mighty Baylor

According to reports from all over, the SEC has decided to accept the Texas A&M Aggies, who in turn are set to announce the announcement (yes, that's how it works) any minute now. But according to Chuck CarltonBilly LiucciJimmy Burch and Chip Brown, one item remains: making sure the Baylor Bears don't sue.

When the SEC first acknowledged expansion a few weeks ago, Mike Slive made it clear he didn't want any legal snags. The SEC told A&M to handle its business within its conference to ensure a clean break. That's looking like a wise course of action, with Baylor's traditional meddling coming into play.

Some might be surprised to learn Baylor, a smaller school with a subpar football program, holds the last card here. But the university has outsized connections all throughout Texas politics and zero shame in using them.

Ken Starr, longtime legal tormentor of Bill Clinton, is Baylor's president. Former Texas governor Ann Richards is an alum. The school forced its way into the Big 12 in the first place, then forced the thing to stay together last summer. Traditionally, what Baylor wants, Baylor gets. If A&M's move to the SEC is contingent on Baylor not suing, I'll be impressed if it actually happens this week.

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