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Has Baylor Agreed Not To Sue If Texas A&M Leaves For SEC? Reports Vary

The last critical piece in Texas A&M's relocation has either been resolved or it hasn't, depending on to whom you'd prefer to listen. Have the Baylor Bears agreed not to get litigious if the Aggies switch conferences? (According to a Chip Brown report, more schools besides just Baylor might be keeping their legal options open, but let's focus.)

According to Fox Sports' Matt Mosley, a Baylor alum, every Big 12 school has again agreed not to sue. Last week, the Big 12 sent the SEC a letter promising a lawsuit-free transition. The SEC released that letter today, along with a note that one school had changed its mind. SEC presidents had gathered to vote to accept A&M, but were dismayed to find out about Baylor's involvement.

However, Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News says reports of Baylor agreeing not to sue are inaccurate. Carlton cites a Big 12 source.

If you'd like to read a hunch, here's one: Baylor backed down once the SEC put it on blast. For the good of getting this stuff taken care of so as not to distract from the season itself, let's hope that's the case.

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