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Texas A&M-to-SEC Roadblock Baylor Looking To Big East, According To Report

Few predicted conference realignment would reach a point at which the Baylor Bears would look like the overlord. From delaying Texas A&M's escape to the SEC -- whether you like the move or not*, that's an association both parties have agreed on -- to planting a story that Baylor isn't alone in trying to hold either A&M or Oklahoma hostage, the Bears are trying every trick in the book to keep the Big 12 together.

Except they're also in talks with the Big East, according to Yahoo! Sports Jason KingTexas forever!

(You'll note nobody's planning to sue Baylor, a school that politicked its way into the conference in the first place at the expense of better football programs.)

Other reports have cited Missouri, Kansas and K-State as Big 12 refugees the Big East would onboard, with Iowa State also in the discussion. But Mizzou could end up in the SEC or Big Ten, and Kansas and K-State could legally be split up. Not sure whether Baylor or the Wildcats would be more valuable, but at least there's no danger of Kansas State suing everybody.

* And plenty of SEC fans really don't like it.

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