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Sharrif Floyd Suspended By NCAA For One More Game

The Florida Gators defensive tackle curse continues, but at least this time around its appearance is almost over. Sharrif Floyd, who had to miss the team's opener against FAU due to eligibility concerns, must miss two games due to accepting impermissible benefits, the NCAA announced Thursday.

Since he's already missed one, that means he'll miss just one more. Luckily, athletic director Jeremy Foley has provided for just such an event by scheduling UAB next.

Here's the NCAA's comment on what Floyd did to earn the punishment:

Receiving $2,500 cash over several months from an individual not associated with the university. Floyd used the money for living expenses, transportation and other expenses. In addition, he received impermissible benefits prior to enrollment, including transportation and lodging related to unofficial visits to several institutions.    

The NCAA notes it wasn't Florida that did any of the impermissible benefitting. And, no, Floyd's name doesn't appear in Charles Robinson's Miami expose either.

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