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Big 12 Realignment: Oklahoma State Denies Lawsuit Report

Is there a pact between six Big 12 schools to block Texas A&M's move to the SEC by forcing Oklahoma to stay*? No, probably not, despite reports. So how about eight Big 12 schools, all of them except Oklahoma, retaining their rights to sue after the Big 12 told the SEC there definitely wouldn't be any legal hangups? Now we're cooking!

Texas Tech is lumped in that group, though it's already said it doesn't plan to join in any lawsuit. Now Oklahoma State has added its name to the no-suit club, which is crazy, because everyone in Oklahoma wears a suit and drives a Cadillac. I've been there once, for an hour.

You'll note those two schools are also the two most likely to be saved if Oklahoma and Texas end up joining the Pac-12. Maybe that doesn't mean anything. Thanks for listening.

* No, that scheme doesn't make any more sense than it did when it was first reported.

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