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Texas A&M To SEC Delayed Indefinitely, Baylor Reportedly Hunkering Down

So the SEC wants each Big 12 school to agree not to sue the SEC before it will allow Texas A&M to join. Several schools have refused to do so, while ringleader Baylor now reportedly won't waive its legal claim as long as there's Big 12 instability. Which means, like, they'll just keep suing stuff until the Big 12 no longer exists.

Is adding A&M worth a legal battle with Baylor for the SEC? Baylor's endowment is larger than any SEC school's besides Florida's and Vanderbilt's -- BU can afford to drag this thing out while Texas works to appease Oklahoma into staying.

In other news, we've also passed the deadline after which the Big 12 no longer guarantees it won't sue the SEC itself. At this point, it would not be shocking if Mike Slive just told A&M and the Big 12, "Let's just try this again next year /adds West Virginia and whoever."

Getting into two top-10 TV markets would be nice and all, but this here is a hassle.

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