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Texas A&M Considering Independence If SEC Move Falls Through, According To Report

The Texas A&M Aggies have burned a few too many bridges to return to the Big 12 for the 2012 season if they aren't able to leave for the SEC. According to beat writer Brent Zwerneman, multiple voices inside A&M are leaning towards conference independence for a year instead of sticking with the Big 12.

Having to slap together an independent schedule for a transitionary season would be a heck of a hassle and lead to a pretty uninspiring slate, but you'd think the Aggies will do whatever it takes to get to the SEC. There's also always the chance that the SEC will eventually just risk a legal spat with Baylor and accept A&M.

And could A&M join a small conference for one season just to cover scheduling for its non-football sports, or would Baylor sue the Sun Belt over Texas A&M equestrian events? These are important questions, and it sounds like we're gonna have a long, long time to spend answering them.

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